Incentives & Special Interests

Incentive and Special Interest Groups constitute a major portion of Wings' business activity. For this reason, the specialized efforts of this department are dedicated towards meeting the specific requirements of these two types of groups.

Calling on the resources of the organization as a whole, in conjunction with the creative use of the vast resources Egypt has to offer, the department has the capabilities to propose unique, efficiently managed, competitively priced programs for Incentive and Special Interest Groups.

Corporate Incentive Programs award the efforts of ambitious, exceptional individuals. Wings takes special pleasure in creating programs tailored to the special interests and desires of these people. Given the great variety of options which our natural resources and related leisure activities offers, Wings presents the Client with imaginative theme and program options. The warmest of welcomes, smooth operation of the program and related events in striking surroundings guarantee successful Incentive Group visits hosted by Wings.

We arrange from A to Z several styles and types of receptions, lunch, and gala dinner either included in an incentive program or as a separate event; starting by suggesting the location, creating a theme, choosing the decoration and table set-up and up to providing 5 stars food catering, entertainment and preparing all branding and giveaways required. We also arrange several types of Team Building Activities.

Some of the suggested concepts are:

High-Tech Meetings


Bedouin Style Lunch or Dinner


Arabian Style Lunch or Dinner


Mamluki Style Lunch or Dinner


Pharaonic Style Lunch or Dinner


Hawaiian Style Lunch with Beach / Pool Use


Classic Style Lunch or Dinner


Spring Colorful Style Lunch or Dinner


Silver Breakfast


Champaign Breakfast


Hot Air Balloon


Team Building Activities

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