Successful Stories

Wings has accomplished many successful stories, we would like to have the pleasure to share some of those with you. Kindly feel free to navigate our photo galleries from the left menu or from the links below.


Conferences Successful Stories :


  16th International Congress & Exhibition on Irrigation & Drainage    
  2nd International Geophysical Conference & Exhibition    
  Cairo 2002 International Petroleum Conference & Exhibition    
  Mediterranean Offshore Conference (Petroleum) 2002. 2004    
  II International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition    

(Cairo - Egypt, 2005 with 1500 participants)


  II World Congress on External Fixation    

(Cairo - Egypt, 2007 with 1500 participants)


  XIXth Regional Congress of the ISBT    

(Cairo - Egypt, 2009 with 3500 participants)


  IEEE International Conference on Image Processing - ICIP    

(Cairo - Egypt, 2009 with 1200 participants)


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  International Child Neurology Congress - ICNC    

(Cairo - Egypt, 2010 with 1200 participants)


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Incentives Successful Stories :


  Apex Pharma incentive Group    

(Thailand, 2006 with 200 participants)


  Michelin China Annual incentive Group    

(Egypt, 2008 with 900 participants)


  Romtelecom Incentive Group    

(Egypt, 2008 with 200 participants)


  Taikang Insurance China Annual incentive Group  

(Egypt, 2010 with 600 participants)


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