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Egypt is officially known as Arab Republic of Egypt, located in north east of Africa and south west of Asia.

Egypt is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Red sea to the east, Libya to the west, and Sudan to the south.

Egypt total area is about 1 million square Km (about 390,000 square Miles), with maximum length from north to south of about 1086 Km (about 675 Miles), and maximum width form east to west of about 1255 Km (about 780 Miles).

The river Nile runs through Egypt form south, forming the Lake Nasser behind the High Dam, to north where it shapes the Nile Delta between its two tributaries named Rashid and Dameitta, before pours in the Mediterranean Sea with total length of about 6670 Km (about 4160 Miles), it is the longest river in the world.

Cairo is the Capital located in north of Egypt. Whatever north to Cairo is called Lower Egypt, and whatever south to Cairo is called Upper Egypt.




With about 82 Million inhabitants, Egypt represents one quarter of the population of the Arab world. The city of Cairo “the Capital” itself counts about 17 Million people.

The Egyptian population is composed of people from various origins. Most Egyptians originate from Ancient Egypt and the Nile Valley. Others come from the Arabic and Levantine descents and the Nubians of Upper Egypt.


Arabic is the official language spoken by all Egyptians. When Arabic is spoken in the streets, it's an Arabic slang and there is a great different from classical Arabic.

Although English is very widespread, people will appreciate you taking time to learn a few words and phrases. In addition, many other European languages are spoken such as French, German, Italian.


Though the majority of Egyptians are Muslims, there are over 12 million Christians living in Egypt today. The two communities enjoy an easy coexistence.

The Copts play an important part in Egyptian society, especially in artistic, economical and cultural domains.


The Egyptian currency is the Pound "EGP", for more details and a live Currency Converter please go to Currency Section from the left menu or simply follow this link > Currency

Travellers cheques and credit cards are accepted by banks, international hotels, restaurants and shops.


Egypt electrical current is based on 220V / 50 Hz.

Powe sokets are based on Euro/German type power soket.