Wings deals with a selection of international charter companies on a regular basis. The frequency of flights and volume of arrivals demand prompt decision-making and firm answers. Wings understands the needs of charter operations and is fully prepared to deal with them. Ground transport, hotel reservations, and round-trip tour programs are all aspects of charter operations that Wings handles efficiently and reliably.

Backed with it’s well developed and maintained application, and supported with the considerable number of rooms allotted at many hotels, especially on the Red Sea coast line, this department has managed to reach with its capacity to serve over 25000 clients annually, with proper future planning, and strong analytical capabilities, matching requirements with resources, combining owned and outsourced assets, and with the ongoing update of the hotels pricing and special offers, the department was also able to provide a unique product to each market it serves, meeting its’ specific criteria hence providing our business partners with a complete product that can compete in a tough, very price sensitive segment of the travel trade.

This division is also able to serve many B2B operators, through XML links, and to assist in saving costs by uploading the special offers, and receiving the reservations, and to arrange the online pricing, offering extraordinary dynamic solutions and wide services platform for the operators.