Wings offers the highest level of service for major international cruise liners to plan and operate over-day or over-night visits to Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Alexandria or any other city in Egypt. This service is not just a matter of getting people where they are going, it is a also a matter of timing, tact and logistics. Wings staff seeks to make the visitor feel at ease and welcome in what is for many, a brief glimpse of a world very different from their own. 
Cruise Ships are a magnificent way to see as many sights, cities, ports and attractions as you can while cruising the magnificent River Nile, and staying in one cabin without having to check in and out every other day.


The main factor that makes all that possible, is GOOD PLANNING and having contingency plans for any unforeseen occurrence that might take place, an agent can not be 100% prepared, otherwise, they would have not called them Unforeseen Factors, but an agent can be well prepared, resourceful and flexible with a minimal response time.

we at Wings Tours & Nile Cruises have developed our own team of experts that are capable of delivering the travelers high expectations regardless of the surrounding environment.

We have handled Shore Excursions from all ports of Egypt for many years, and from different types of Cruise Ships, enriching our experience as well as our understanding of the various needs of different clients.